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The Good Shepherd

Fun fact: Do you know that contrary to popular opinions sheep are very intelligent animals with a great memory. Research shows that sheep are very good in remembering faces of their fellow sheep likewise humans and they are also capable of remembering how to navigate complex mazes. The Sheep Sheep are very interesting animals, theyContinue reading “The Good Shepherd”


Dependent, vulnerable, trusting, and loving. These are the words that come to mind when I think of the ones in our lives. They need their parents or guardians and cannot imagine life without them. When disciplined, my toddler would run straight into my arms or his father’s arms. He does not stop reaching out toContinue reading “CHILDLIKE HEART”

This thing called FAITH

Have you ever been in a situation where you prayed and fasted for something so desperately? I mean you did all the right things you were supposed to do, you believed, you had faith and all, and at the end you still didn’t get that which you prayed for. Does it mean God does notContinue reading “This thing called FAITH”

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