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Do you find yourself often giving, doing and helping others all the time? Do you feel exhausted from serving others? Does it feel like you are always the one people call on to do things for them and you are finding it difficult saying no most times? Truth is these situations can really be frustratingContinue reading “HELP, GIVE AND DO.”


I love stories, I love listening, watching and creating stories. I love how we can put a piece from here and there to create beautiful stories. I also love real stories of real people, I love how a persons’s story can transform and inspire people regardless of their race, beliefs, class or what have you.Continue reading “MyLemonstrokes”


For some days now I have been feeling exhausted, sad, self doubt and overwhelmed. The other day at the bus stop I was literally crying, thank God for the mask no one saw my face very well to know that I was crying. Then you ask, why was I crying? I was overwhelmed with stress,Continue reading “WE ARE ALL TIRED”

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