Faith Over Fear

It was December 31, 2020. I had just finished serving breakfast to my family when my phone rang. It was Iby my friend in Edmonton. She was quite happy and jovial until the end of our pleasantries, then she started sounding worried and scared. Her exact words were “are you alone?” ” am I on speaker?” I got worried and sacred too but I kept my cool. Then I asked what was wrong, she replied that she just got her result and she is covid positive.

The thing is, we were together the previous weekend together with the person who she might have gotten it from so there was the possibility that I could have gotten it. Prior to this time, I wasn’t actually worried or terrified with the virus however I have been taking preventive measures. Haven heard her, I had to immediately isolate, I became so sacred and worried I was already picturing myself as a covid contractor. I became very scared for my life and family.

As I lay on my bed dwelling in my fearful thoughts and imaginations, I realized I had allowed fear take over me, I had exalted my cares over the power and love of God. Then I began to pray and speak God’s promises and love over me, my family and friends.

My dear, there is something the confidence of God does to you. You come to understand that even in the worst situations you are not alone. After my prayers and proclamations I got so confident that even after I did the swap and I still have the virus, glory be God for nothing can separate me from the love of God. Also, I wasn’t ready to emerge into the new year with fear and trembling, no way!

One very important lesson I learnt during this time is that the most powerful tool the enemy uses to attack us is our thoughts. Immediately that information came, he filled my head and mind with lots of fearful thoughts and if I had continued to dwell on them I probably wouldn’t understand or appreciate the undying love of God. God loves us and he is never leaving us or forsaking us, no matter the circumstances. I sang and danced into the new year with full confidence and trust in the Lord. I did my test on Jan, 2 and the result came in on the third negative.


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