Journey Continues…

Today, I officially resumed at my new job. Yay! Am super excited.I will be starting off as Production Co-ordinator, editor and Content Creator at Simba Creative. This is super huge for me because I have no prior experience. I got trained and hired.

Honestly, this time last year I had no idea what Final Cut Pro or Primiere Pro was, by then I had not even heard this words. Actually if someone had told me that later in the year 2020 I will be using these softwares, I would have laughed so hard.

At the beginning of 2020 I was fed up with my job, I wanted something else. Truth is, my previous place of employment is great, wonderful people and great pay. However, it was not the place for me. It was more of industrial job but my passion is media. I knew So,I started praying fervently for a new job, although I had no idea what exactly I wanted or where I wanted to work but I kept praying to the Lord for help, guidance, direction and more consistently a place to learn and grow.

So, how did I get this job? It was March , my mom’s birth month and I was thinking of the perfect birthday gift for her. So I thought about having a mom and daughter photoshoot. Then I remembered this photographer I met the previous month during a stage performance I did. Called him and we fixed a date and venue for the shoot with my mom. We got to the venue and I met this other guy who owns the studio and I got curious of what goes on in this studio, so I asked and he explained that he is film maker, content creator, editor, web design etc, he even went ahead to show me some amazing jobs he had done. Immediately, I got my spark and I wanted to be part of this. Told him I was interested, he agreed and asked me to start as an intern which I agreed and believe this is one of most amazing decisions I have made.

Prior to this job, I prayed for a place where I can learn and grow. Honestly, this is where I am presently. I find myself in the midst of people who understand that I don’t really know the job but I am willing to learn and improve. I am in a place where I am not afraid to make mistakes or pitch my own ideas. Everyone is accepted in their uniqueness and imperfections and we are all growing together.

It has always been a faith and trust life. Surely it will continue to be so. I am grateful for knowledge, mistakes and growth. I am grateful for the continuous assurance of love. Grateful for the souls in my life, they push, encourage and are always there for me. Grateful for the ups and downs. Grateful for breath.

I do not know where or what this job will lead me to, but I am ready for the adventure. Cheers to Adventure! Growth! Learning! Failing! Rising! Loosing! Winning!! Cheers to living!


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