Being True..

Be yourself! Be You! Be true to your identity! Do what makes you happy! Go for it! These and many more are the words we hear everyday from friends, family, loved ones, social media and what have you, this may may be a source encouragement , support, etc from these people to us. Sometimes, it can also symbolize that these people believe in us, in our dreams or identity and by telling us to be ourselves they are verbally showing us that whatever we do they are in total support.

I personally think that these words are very important to enable and enhance growth and true identity. The advice to be one’s self at all times has really saved and helped some many attain their full potential. They even make more sense or impacts when it is said by someone dear to our heart or someone we look up to. Being oneself is very important especially in a world where we are consciously and unconsciously tempted to neglect out truth just to fit in. Knowing and owning our true selves is the first step to growth, I agree.

However, in as much as we should be true to ourselves or our identity, there are times we should not. Yes, you read right. Sometimes, its important not to be one’s self. Below I will be listing and discussing the Three (3) Times You Shouldn’t Be Yourself:

  • You should not be yourself When You Have a Bad Attitude: a bad attitude is a feeling, manner, or disposition that is not cooperative, optimistic or constructive. It is simply feeling or behaving like the world is against you and because of that feeling one decides to channel negative energy to others. Bad attitudes includes; anger, rudeness, selfishness, callousness, arrogance dishonesty and many more. If these are your true identity or self am sorry, you shouldn’t be yourself rather you should look for ways to change or improve your character. Do you know that terrible attitude can hinder one from seeing or developing the right perspectives towards life in general? this is because one’s mind is filled with so much negativity that it becomes impossible to exude positive energy or light. Removing or eradicating all forms of negativity from one’s life can be a simple and sure start to improving bad attitude. Sometimes, placing expectations on people or things and not receiving these expectations can cause us to loss faith and trust on people thereby, promoting bad attitude. So rather than placing expectations and getting disappointed, it’s better to have no expectations and just let people and things be. Letting go and forgiving can be very hard but, this is one huge step to improving one’s attitude. Let’s learn to let it go and forgive people for hurting us. Most importantly, one way to improve our attitude is by helping oth. Rendering help no matter how small goes a very long. So, make the decision to help and expect nothing in return. Having a bad attitude is not good thing and that shouldn’t define you. Rather than promoting negative energy give progressive change a chance.
  • You should not be yourself When Your Attitudes Hurts Someone: as much it is imperative to to own and be true to our identity or truth, it is also very important that we look out for others. If you have a terrible attitude and it hurts those around you. This is not the time to be yourself rather it is the time to apologize and change for good. You can’t be dishonest and callous to others and say its your zodiac sign. We should stop hurting and causing other people pains under the guise of “this is who I am” because that’s not who you are. You are not a terrible person, stop allowing these vices to control your life. It is important that we differentiate the kind of hurt. Sometimes we preach our truth and it doesn’t go well with other people, it does not necessarily mean that you have a terrible attitude and you should change. It is absolute necessary we understand that there’s a thing line between hurting people who will want to control you and hurting people who actually have genuine intentions towards you. If your attitude hurts people who genuinely care about you then stop, look for ways to change. When you are filled with pride, dishonesty, arrogance, belligerence and many more, then you are definitely hurting people around you.
  • You should not be yourself When You are Seeking Knowledge Or Leaning Something New: another time I think that we shouldn’t be ourselves is when we lack knowledge about something, instead of dwelling in ignorance and claiming that is who you are humble yourself and learn. Enhancing ones’s quality of life is a very strong reason to learn, or learn something new. Being humble and willing to learn from someone who has a higher knowledge is the right attitude to growth. When you learn something your confidence increases plus you will also be discovering new things, also imagine all the fun you will be having gaining all that skills and knowledge. Acknowledging one’s ignorance about something and being willing to learn is not weakness. Be open to learn to from anyone regardless of age or race.

Choosing to be authentic is brave but it is more brave to acknowledge our weaknesses and genuinely working on them. Being humble and teachable is not a sign of weakness, instead it is one of most profound demonstration a strength within. When we have a terrible attitude, when our attitude hurt people especially our loved ones and when we don’t know something or are seeking for knowledge, we shouldn’t be ourselves. Let’s embrace our weakness and cherish our growth.


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