For some days now I have been feeling exhausted, sad, self doubt and overwhelmed. The other day at the bus stop I was literally crying, thank God for the mask no one saw my face very well to know that I was crying. Then you ask, why was I crying? I was overwhelmed with stress, worries and uncertainties. I felt so low like what am I doing with my life? of what use am I? I started comparing myself to other people in ( something I hardly do) but I did. I got home that night and went straight to bed neglecting all my evening routines. I wasn’t feeling enough to do anything but sleep. Even as I lay on my bed I couldn’t sleep because this girl was just stressed. A lot has been going in almost every part of my life. I was questioning every decision I had made lately. I was sacred and worried about everything.

There are days like this, we just feel so unaccomplished, every of our hard works seems like it’s nothing. We get overwhelmed with work, family, school work, children, personal goals and what have you. Sometimes, it gets worst that we begin to feel bad for feeling these emotions which most times makes it worst.

Well, my friend it is totally OKAY to feel this way, it is okay to cry, to feel like you are not doing enough, to doubt yourself, yes it is okay to be tired and stressed that shows that you are still breathing and your emotions are intact. Personally, I believe that this emotions are part of our lives. It can’t always be laughter and smiles all the time, not at all.

In situations like this, I think it is reminder to stop and breath, most times we get so engrossed in this fast paced life that we forget to take care of ourselves. When you feel this way, take some time out to sleep, watch a movie or a comedy show ( I watch cooking shows, it helps me relax) , treat yourself to some delicious meals, hangout with friends etc. You are not a failure, you are doing well. You are just tired, don’t beat up yourself for no reason.

Other times, it could also be a reminder to to take a break to realign your plans, your thoughts or goals maybe you are doing somethings the wrong. It could just be so that you can reevaluate things, once again you are not a failure.

For me when I feel these emotions, after I most have tried to relax, I talk to my Comforter, my God. I really just pour out my heart to him, tell him exactly how I feel. It is the most comforting feeling talking to God about your needs and your worries. God cares all the time. No matter how complicated you think your problems are or how stupid or unreasonable it is to talk to God about them, he is always listening with a warm embrace. The book of Psalms 139 reminds us of how detailed God is about us, verse 16 says:

“You saw me before I was born.

Everyday of my life was recorded in your book.

Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

How precious are thoughts towards me, O God! They cannot be numbered”

Dear friend, are you having a hard time in your life at the moment, frustrated with everything happening around you, stressed and tired of it all, you are not alone everyone at one point or other goes through this even the people we look up to.

Life is full of ups and downs so, when we fall or think we have fallen let us get up and fight again, then when you come back home, devastated after the fight, pray to the one who cares about you more than anyone else. You may not have the words to express exactly how you feel or what you want because, in these days of tough fights for survival, we often lack words to express our true feelings to loved ones or to God. Therefore, don’t be discouraged or disappointed if and when you don’t have or know the words to describe your feelings. In this situation like this keep your eyes closed and think about what you want to say, enjoy your fellowship with God.

Life is full of ups and down, so when we face the down side, let’s allow ourselves to experience these emotions. It never hurts to feel stressed and overwhelmed, you are only living. Last Last We Go Dey Alright ( at the end we will be alright) Cheers to falling and rising! Cheers to winning and loosing! Cheers to being tired and frustrated! Cheers to growth!!


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