I love stories, I love listening, watching and creating stories. I love how we can put a piece from here and there to create beautiful stories. I also love real stories of real people, I love how a persons’s story can transform and inspire people regardless of their race, beliefs, class or what have you. I love how stories make the world go round. Most importantly I love stories of hope, faith and love. For me these kind of stories creates the core values of humanity. These underlines characteristics in a person make them who they truly are.

I created Mylemonstrokes blog to share my #hope #faith and #love experiences because I believe it is time I share my own experiences and I hope these experiences inspires and strikes a transformation to someone out there.

I created this blog to also challenge two fears that I have which is the fear of what people what think about me and the fear that I am not a good writer. I hope to improve my writing skills as I continue writing on this blog and I hope to defeat those negative noise in my noise in my head saying I can’t do it, well I am doing it.

So this is me doing it shaky, uncertain, scared, worried, terribly, nervous and taking it one step at a time. Cheers to the amazing days, cheers to the terrible days, cheers to the days the days I that will be tired or frustrated and might not want to write again, cheers to me picking myself up and continuing, cheers to my trust and faith in God, He is rock and foundation.

Welcome to #mylemonstrokes, you are welcome to share you views and experiences as well. Cheers to growth!


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