Do you find yourself often giving, doing and helping others all the time? Do you feel exhausted from serving others? Does it feel like you are always the one people call on to do things for them and you are finding it difficult saying no most times? Truth is these situations can really be frustrating and it can also be fulfilling. Serving is simply helping, giving and doing something or things for others. Many a time, We do these things with a clear heart and expecting nothing in return other times we find ourselves doing these things to please people or so we could have good record with people, so we could be called good people.

But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.

Matthew 6:3

I have a friend who is always saying yes to other people’s need, he always wants to be there to help, give an advice like he is the go to guy for solutions. However, due to the fact he is always trying to help others every time, some of his own needs are not met. One day we had this discussion about how he loves helping others. I was a bit uncomfortable that he could meet up with other peoples need but couldn’t meet up with his. I told him he was just seeking validation from the helps he was rendering and I thought but he made me understand that he found so much joy doing what he does, he doesn’t do it for anyone to like him or not, its just his personality.

While this is an amazing attribute a person can have, I believe there should be a balance because you can’t be quenching other people’s fire when your house is burning down in flames. Sometimes in order to serve; give or help others it is important we check ourselves first. It is imperative that we ourselves are filled up, you can’t give what you don’t have so if you are always giving and giving and giving and you do not give yourself sometime to refill or rejuvenate you will end up giving nothing eventually.

We should also sometimes examine our intentions when rendering services to others, this is because most times we confuse self righteousness with service. Are you giving because you really want to give or you want to pet your ego. If you are going to help someone so you can later mock them or make them feel like they are nothing without you then you shouldn’t give at all. If you are giving or helping grudgingly or for self righteousness, then it is not an act of service and you should not bother at all.

14 Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet. 15 I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you. 

JOHN 13:14-15

More so, let’s not forget that sometimes serving can be frustrating, especially when we find ourselves always serving. But we shouldn’t relent because Christ never gave up on us and he gave us the perfect example of service. Sometimes, God puts us in positions of serving not because we are not good enough but because God uses us in these positions to elevate others and to accomplish his plans in our lives. Back when I was in the University I was a member of a certain fellowship. So in this fellowship there were different units like Drama unit, Bible study unit and many more. These units had leaders who were called Unit Heads or Excos. These Excos were nominated by the fellowship members and finally prayerfully selected by the church leaders. In my second year I was nominated to be an assistant this I refused because I felt I was not ready for such a task. Third year came and I knew I was ready for any of these positions, once again I was nominated but I was not selected to head any unit or even be an assistant so I continued worshiping in the fellowship serving under the leadership of the newly selected excos. Fourth year which was also my final year, I was so expectant but as always I wasn’t made an exco, the funny part was I was not even nominated this time. The day the new leaders were appointed some were my mates while the rest were my junior. In all honesty I felt terrible, I felt so unvalued . I remember that very Sunday, after service I went this place in my school called Lagoon Front. I went there to be alone so I could cry and ask God some questions. Questions like ”am I not good enough?” “Am I that bad that I can’t be a leader?” it was a hard pill to swallow. Fast forward to the end of the semester I had made my peace with the whole situation. I continued serving with all diligence, obeying instructions and all. Then one day the then Pastor of the fellowship came up to me and told me how my humility and service encouraged and inspired him to serve as a leader, according to him I inspired him to serve with humility. Truth is this pastor was not only a blessing to me but he was also a blessing to lots of people in and out of the fellowship.



Serving others is beautiful and fulfilling but that is if we genuinely do it from our heart. It is very easy to confuse selflessness with selfishness. Always assess your emotions to ensure that you are not doing things for vain glory. Most importantly, Jesus is the perfect role model to emulate when serving people. If you find yourself going on with the wrong emotions you can always pray about it, when in doubt pray about it. May the Lord help us genuinely give, help and do things for others and expect nothing in return, amen.


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