Prior to my entry into the university (University of Lagos, Nigeria) I have always heard about how cool and classy university students were especially in fashion. From movies and stories that were told, I was made to believe that they had the most expensive and latest designs in town. So on my first visit I wanted to feel among, I really wanted to be like them, even though I didn’t know how true these stories were and they sponsored themselves.

After scattering my room and making a huge mess searching for befitting outfits to the almighty University of Lagos which proved futile, I was disappointed because according to my belief my clothes were nothing compared to what I have seen and heard about. I had really nice clothes, but because I had a standard in my head I felt my mine were not good enough, I wanted to be like these people who knew nothing about me. As I sat on my bed dejected, my mom walked in and asked what was wrong. After explaining my ordeal to her, she laughed so hysterically that I felt ashamed of myself, why was this laughing at me? didn’t she understand that I had standards to meet up with?

When she saw my countenance, she stopped and said something that stroked me and has guided me as an adult. She said “It’s not about how expensive or classy your clothes are but; how clean and simple they are, coupled with how confident you are in them. The best form of sophistication is simplicity”. Then she took out a skirt and blouse with a pair of sandals for me to wear, which I wore with lots of confidence and I was very happy in them at the end of the day.

It is quite funny how we have complicated issues for ourselves in life. We have allowed social media and people’s opinion  detect to us how to live our precious lives. We all want to meet up to the opinion of everyone, we want to be everyone’s favorite and we forget that not everyone will approve our decisions. In this life, we are not under any obligation to please anybody because no one has the right to judge us. If you can afford to buy all the Gucci, Givenchy, Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Victoria Secrets and all the top designers with your income, that’s great but; in a situation whereby, you can’t afford these, don’t kill yourself in order to please someone else.  Sew your coats according to your size.Trends will come and go, but you are only on this earth once so don’t let these trends detect for you how to live your life. Embrace who you are and glow in your unique personality.  Do you know you will be causing the world a great harm if all through your life all you do is trying to be someone else?  

First, you make yourself a duplicate of that person, thereby becoming the fake version of the person and of course no one, yes no one loves and appreciates fake. And secondly you deprive the entire human race especially those close to you, the opportunity to know and appreciate the special precious person you are.Be you, make your mistakes and learn from them, laugh out loud, smile, dance under the rain. If you can’t afford to buy a car take the train or the bus, you will still get to your destination. If you can’t afford the IphoneXs Max, use your your phone like that with pride, you still get make your calls, text, be on Facebook and all.  If you can’t afford the expensive restaurants, go to the ones you can afford, you will still eat and get nourished by their food. If you can’t afford the Michael Kors and Victoria Secrets, go to Thrift Store or Walmart, enjoy your second hand clothes, you still get to be stylish and covered.

Let us learn to embrace our true selves, only then can we live out and achieve our true beauty and purpose. I mean Life is never that serious.



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