Hi friends, how are you doing? how was your Christmas celebration? For me I had a very good time with my family. I am super grateful for my family and the amazing time we had together. It was a great time.

Prior to all the merriment, I had my devotion and during that time, something special about christmas stroke me;

Did you know that if Jesus had come into the world with chariots, soldiers, in his heavenly glory, he would have had a fake fan base, people out of the desire to associate with power would have believed whatever he said even when truly in their hearts they do not understand or love him as they would’ve claimed.

Also he wouldn’t have been able to save mankind from sin and deceits of the enemy, the Pharisees would have probably given him a government position and made friends with him just so they can associate with power. Christ would not have truly touched the heart of men.

Hence, he came as a baby through a commoner in a place people never thought anything good could come out from. People genuinely loved, wanted to hear what he has to say, followed him, he evoked faith and love in men.

He made us realize that no matter who we are, we are precious to them. Jesus was born for the salvation of mankind. That anyone who comes to him will mightily be saved and have eternal life. Jesus is love, his love for us is unconditional. The birth of Christ is the best gift human kind can have.

I am eternally grateful to God for the precious of Christ. Merry Christmas friends, may we experience the goodness that comes with the season and the may the new year bring us exceeding grace and mercy, amen.

Ebere 🤎

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