The Good Shepherd

Fun fact: Do you know that contrary to popular opinions sheep are very intelligent animals with a great memory. Research shows that sheep are very good in remembering faces of their fellow sheep likewise humans and they are also capable of remembering how to navigate complex mazes. The Sheep Sheep are very interesting animals, theyContinue reading “The Good Shepherd”


Dependent, vulnerable, trusting, and loving. These are the words that come to mind when I think of the ones in our lives. They need their parents or guardians and cannot imagine life without them. When disciplined, my toddler would run straight into my arms or his father’s arms. He does not stop reaching out toContinue reading “CHILDLIKE HEART”


Hi friends, how are you doing? how was your Christmas celebration? For me I had a very good time with my family. I am super grateful for my family and the amazing time we had together. It was a great time. Prior to all the merriment, I had my devotion and during that time, somethingContinue reading “MERRY CHRISTMAS”


Ever felt worthless? Ever felt like a grungy cast off? ever felt like an expensive piece of junk? Ever felt too banged up, too messed up, or too beat up to have any value? I know I have. But there are two things I’ve learned from my obsessive love for antique stores and flea marketsContinue reading “PotteryClay”


Prior to my entry into the university (University of Lagos, Nigeria) I have always heard about how cool and classy university students were especially in fashion. From movies and stories that were told, I was made to believe that they had the most expensive and latest designs in town. So on my first visit IContinue reading “BE-YOU-TIFUL”


Once upon a time your girl was duped, till this very moment I still don’t know or understand how this guy got to me, all I remember is that we went to the ATM and I withdrew most of my feeding allowance and gave this guy. He told me he was coming back and heContinue reading “FORGIVENESS”


Do you find yourself often giving, doing and helping others all the time? Do you feel exhausted from serving others? Does it feel like you are always the one people call on to do things for them and you are finding it difficult saying no most times? Truth is these situations can really be frustratingContinue reading “HELP, GIVE AND DO.”


I love stories, I love listening, watching and creating stories. I love how we can put a piece from here and there to create beautiful stories. I also love real stories of real people, I love how a persons’s story can transform and inspire people regardless of their race, beliefs, class or what have you.Continue reading “MyLemonstrokes”


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